At Elias and Hall we procure, brand and market FMCG products from all over the world on behalf of our blue-chip clients. We ensure your product is placed in the best, high volume distribution channels.


Doing our part to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working with global partners to secure fast and reliable delivery of PPE products, such as certified KN95 & IIR masks, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes.


Importing worldwide to the UK, with over 20 years experience in FMCG industries, we’re your reliable partner for business and market growth. The power of our network opens doors.
With over 20 years market experience, we are experts in placing the right FMCG brand in the right channel. We do this by utilising the power and expertise of the many long established turn-key relationships we have forged over the last 2 decades.

Our Promise

Ethical practice is the core of our values. We aim to make business simple but effective. Profitable but never profiteering. We aim to pursue dreams with our partners, turning them into a reality that we can mutually benefit from. We take our principles seriously and stick to them.

With that in mind, we have not only ensured uninterrupted supply chain of PPE to front line health and care services, we have also donated our masks to help those in need.

We are establishing an on-going programme of support and donations to the care services that need it most.

Branding and Marketing

We work with many household brand names. As well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical/surgical supplies, we are also constantly introducing new and exciting consumer products to the UK market.

We use a synergy of scientifically backed big-data, combined with many years of grass roots level retail marketing, to find the right strategic approach to distribution of your brand. In doing so, we offer maximum impact, ensuring your product’s position in its respective market reaches the highest growth targets possible.


We have many years experience in a variety of FMCG sectors – chief amongst them include;

PPE, medical & surgical supplies, snacks & confectionery, soft drinks and beverages, vape products and luxury gifts.

We use our unique and varied experience to ensure the appropriate channel strategy is used for your brand, positioning you to reap the maximum revenue growth possible.

We have locations throughout the UK, including Central Scotland, Yorkshire and London.
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